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  • Italcomex Import Export Srl begins its activity in the 90s in the heart of the Agro Nocerino-Sarnese between Salerno’s valleys and the plain of Vesuvio and it is specialized in the export and marketing of Italian Canned Tomatoes and Preserved Legumes .
  • The products are worked with special care during all stages of the processing system starting from a careful selection of raw materials, through the work of highly qualified personnel and with by using eco-friendly and cutting-edge machinery that meet the latest environmental standards and safety.
  • Italcomex wishes to bring on consumers’ tables a genuine product that reminds the aromas and the flavours of the traditional southern Italy cuisine of the past, but with an eye to the latest market trends and the taste of new modern “gourmet”.
  • Its main aim is to offer to its customers worldwide its best production in terms of taste, price and above all quality, that can make a difference in ‘the hard current competition of international markets .
  • Italcomex is always attentive towards its clients and it is always ready to satisfy all customers’ needs with the care, the professionalism and the resourcefulness that characterizes its collaborators (technical workers, qualified suppliers) and with the tenacity that supports and allowed the company to grow until today.

About us : ITALCOMEX Import Export Srl ITALIA




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