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Tomato Puree 2500g Carla

Tomato Purèe 2500g

Gross Weight: 3000 gr
Nett Weight: 2500 gr
Expire Date : 36 Months
Packaging: can of 2500g
in Carton or Thermo in 6 pz (6x2500g)

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Italian Tomato Puree 2500g Carla – Product of Italian Tradition

The Italian Tomato Puree 2500g Carla is made with fresh italian tomatoes only the pulp is got by the heart of tomatoes of south Italy under the italian sun which are picked and worked in the factory line in the same day of the harvest !
The fresh Tomatoes for the Canned Tomato Puree must be picked to the convenient degree of maturation, selected with the simple addition of a pinch of salt. The dense and creamy Passata is ideal to be used as a base for the preparation of all dishes.

Product Gluten Free – No Additives – No GMO – Product 100% vegetarian, Suitable for vegans – Halal Food – Suitable for Kosher Food

Tomatoes only

6 X 2500-gr Dimensions H 160 W320 L465 Weight: 18 kg
Ctn / 20FCL: Contains: 1200 Cartons (6x2500g) – Format box (Can): Tinplate

Stored in cool and dry place once opened decant contents into a non-metallic container. Refrigerate and use within 3 days of opening.
Transport ambient temperature.